Nearly the end of the project !

Hi everybody !

We are sorry for the late, but don’t worry, we are here and we will tell you what we did this week.

We finished all our programs. We had a big problem with the screen. The word was displayed two times. In fact the communication from the arduino to the Raspberry Pi and in the opposite way were good but not the 2 ways together.
Thanks to Mrs Baclin’s help we solved this problem. In the program we count the number of charachters in the word and we send it to the arduino. In the arduino we cut the word recieved from the Raspberry Pi to have the good lenght and it is juste one time displayed. It doesn’t solved the problem but it avoids it.

We worked a long time on this program because of this communication problem. On friday we began to put all the programs together. It is not finished and need to work à little to finished the program.

About the screen, the display of the different functions (enrolling, lecture and delete) works. In the first time, the screen will just allow the lecture. But in the future it will be possible to enrol and to delete somebody with the screen.
We see the end !

Next week we could make our video.

See you!

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