The Cocktail Maker Machine : you will be able to buy it soon!

On monday the third of May

This Monday, we continued and finished our program.

Some buttons were changed, and a kind of menu was programmed.

Our teacher Ms Baclin accepted the functionalities of our project. So all the lights are green to continue our Cocktail Maker Machine!

The model didn’t evolve for the last weeks… Thus, next week, we are going to finish the model. Then, everything would be done, at least be in working order.

This week, two guys of the team were busy to draw all the Arduino connections to help us to redo the wiring on the model.

We don’t have to forget shooting some videos to edit a short (between 5 and 10 minutes) presentation film about the project.

During this lab session, we took some pictures of our work. Next time, we are going to shoot some videos.

To conclude, our project is progressing well, but we it’s not finished yet!

Enjoy your life, enjoy a cocktail!

The CMM Team

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