autoregulated greenhouse

Hello everybody,

As you could see last week, our project is completely functional. So, during the last project session, we were working on the pump’s regulation and on the possible and attractive improvements.

The first thing about we worked was the water flow regulation from the pump. Indeed, the pump was replaced by a led last week. As a result, we wanted to work on this feature to improve our quality’s model.
Thanks to an continuous external power plant (9V) and a mosfet transistor, we manage to adjust the ground moisture by the water flow out of the pump.
Thus, the humidity regulation is functional now as well.

The second part we were working on, was the development of a manual mode to command the different actuators (pump, stores and windows). This mode is totally functional now.

To resume, everything works and is assembled with the greenhouse structure. Consequently, only the final video has to be realized for the next project session.

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