Progress report

Hello everybody,

This week we haven’t had any lab to work on our project but we worked on it while we were having break.

We still have some difficulties with the communication between the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. It is our biggest issue at the moment. The next step is to finish this point. Indeed, when this point will be finished we will be able to combine each program.

Moreover, the fingerprint program works! Last week we had some difficulties with the three positions switch. Indeed, this button is used to choose the part of the program you want to use. Last week, we assembled the different programs but when we wanted to change the program, it wasn’t working. So we tried to understand what was happening. We found the solution. Actually, there were mistakes in the programming and the wiring wasn’t working well. Wires weren’t entirely connected because we always have to move out the scale model. But now it works. This means that you can change the program before continuing further with the chosen operation and you can also change the program once the operation has been done.

Then, we have also worked on the classroom’s schedule. Now we can extract all information we want in the intranet file. We will now try to send e-mail from the raspeberry to the e-mail address extracted from the intranet file.

So all of our programs, except for the communication from the raspberry to the arduino, work lonely. We know that the next step will be hard too. Indeed, we’ll combine each program in order to complete the project. We will probably tear our hair out but we can do it and we will do it.

That’s all for today,

But don’t forget to follow our progress next week,

See you soon.

See you soon,

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