Meeting 04/27/2015

Hello everybody,

This week, we have to check the last problems of our code:

  • The first one is that each time that we put on the arduino, it use the date and time that it remember from the last connection. So, each time, we have to reload the program in the arduino.
  • The second problem is that we have to keep a pressure on the sensor to turn off the alarm. When we take off the pressure, the alarm start again to run.
  • The next problem in our code is that when we are able to turn off the alarm, the speaker turn off but not the light.
  • The last problem concern the connection between the arduino, the keypad and the screen.

After the finalization of our code, we will take a look at the design of the model to make it sellable. We need to create the support which will served to distribute the pressure. We will make a support with a surface of 0.25m² to be able to have 10kg on the sensor before turning off the alarm.

That’s all for today.

Don’t forget to follow our progress next week.

See you soon.

The Smart O’clock team

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