Cocktail Maker Machine : News after holidays !

During the holidays we worked on the model. We bought wood planks in a special store. These are needed for the construction of the model. A plan of cutting of the boards was drawn up and each board was cut to the good size. A first team was in charge of producing the model. During this time another team was working on the program. The main problems were the following ones:

– Electrical wiring and programming: the engines connected to the breadboard were not working at the beginning.

– To cut the boards to the good size.

The objective of this week is to solve problems that we encountered during the holidays. After having tried to analyze the problem we found that the problem of the engines was caused by a resistance put in series with the engine. Indeed, this resistance was oversized what limited the tension on the engine. The programming can thus go on.

The program is almost done now. We just have to continue the model because its intern structure is not already done.

Stay tune !

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