Easter Holiday Meeting

Last Monday, we had a meeting in to order to work together and to move forward for the project.
One of aims of this meeting was to find how to establish the serial communication between the Arduino and the Raspberry PI. We found how to make for the communication from Arduino to Raspberry PI but not in the reverse direction. We had some difficulties for this last point
A second aim was to finish the storage of fingerprints.
The last aim was to move forward in the program allowing searching the different information in the class file in the schedules of intranet. We tried to search a variable that may contain a time. We lost a lot of time to understand how this variable type works.
The next steps are :
• to finish the communication between Arduino and Raspberry PI
• to perform the programing for the use of the LCD
• to move forward in the program of searching the informations about the schedules : extract the times, the teachers and the classes
• to create the database containing the informations (teacher mail, student mail, the students in each class…)
That’s all for today,
Don’t forget to follow our progress next week
See you soon

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