Summary of the week

This week, we have builded up our robot from the mechanical point of view. As you can see on the following pictures, we recycled some old aluminium plates from a previous training of one of our member. They particularly fit to the wished size of the robot.We simply had to add two blades to stiffen the plate because of the battery’s weight.

We have fixed the wheels to the electrical engine and then the engine on the plate after welding two fires on each engines to rely on the battery. Speaking of the battery, we decided to use one from a motor bike which is lighter than one from a car but with less autonomy. We concluded that the autonomy was not a problem in our case because of the small cycles that have to be done. Finally we attached a free-wheel on the front for the balance.

We also started the tests to program the bluetooth emitter and the program to make the robot roll.

As for the robot guidance, it appears that we have a tiny problem with the color sensor command… They were supposes to arrive already 3 weeks ago but still nothing…


20150403_19165120150403_191702 20150403_191722

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