Previous week’s post : Cocktail Maker Machine

For the last laboratory session, we first finished the second laboratory because it was not done yet. We did the exercise K2000 during the first part of the laboratory session. Then we started the third laboratory. This last one was devoted to the driving of motors.
In a first time we only tried to drive the little motor with an external power supply. We carried out the first exercise without the driver and without the arduino. To complete this exercise we didn’t forget to had a resistor (10-20 ohms) to limit the intensity in the motor. The motor was able to turn in the two directions.
Then, in a second time, we drove the motor thanks to the arduino and the driver (SN 754410). The goal of this second exercise was to drive the motor with a switch and a pushing button. The switch allowed us to change the rotation of the motor and the pushing button to switch on or switch off the motor. 
Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to complete the last exercise with the potentiometer in order to vary the speed of the motor.
This session was really important for us because we have some motors to drive in our project. Indeed we will use pumps to carry out our cocktails, that’s why it is really important to know how to decide the speed of the motor to have the right flow of each drink in order to make delicious cocktails.

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