Lab session : our project

During this lab session, we did what ever we want to do, related to our project of course!

3 persons of the team began to write some parts of the program. During this, 2 persons made a draft of the structure of the project.

The programers : they tried to write some parts of the program, while doing the mounting. Unfortunately we forgot to bring our material for this session, so LED’s were used instead of our pumps.

The LED-buttons program part is then almost done. A little mounting problem was resolved.

After that, 2 other persons worked with small motors to simulate the pumps.

The builders : they made a diagram of the structure and decided to buy a specific kind of wood boards. The list of material was defined more precisely and we are now sure of how to make it.

This session allows us to specify the final product. It helps us to know more precisely what we are going to achieve, and that’s quite helpful!

The next two weeks, it’s holiday. We planned to meet each other for 3 days by the end of vacation.

See you in three weeks! 🙂

Take care,

The CMM Team

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