First Project Lab

Hi everybody,

This week we carried out our first lab about the project. We divided our group into three sub groups.

The first subgroup looked at the code for the Rasberry Pi. This code will be used to get the information of the schedule back. It is very important because we have to get them separately : date, time, teacher and class. It is also very difficult because the information are get in a .ics file. We begin to write the code.

The second group looked for creating a database. Actually, there will be two databases. One is named “Class” and contains the ID of the class and the name of the class. The second one is named “Person” and contains the ID of the class (in which the person is enrolled), the first name and surname, the finger print, the “type of person” : teacher or student and last but not least : the email address.

The third and last subgroup looked at the screen and the fingerprint reader. They connected and displayed something on the screen. For the fingerprint reader, it was more difficult ! The difficulty was that we didn’t have any datasheet. In fact, we had a datasheet but written in Chinese and no one understand this language ! We finally successfully wired the reader. We also used a new library to use this reader and see how it works.

See you after spring holiday !

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