weekly report

Hi everybody

This week we received the most part of the material regarding to the model. We also had the arduino (from Laurent Gillet). We received the sensor and the pad to control the alarm clock. The plexiglass is not find for the moment but we have an idea to have one. There is a little store which used a lot of plexiglass and keep the loss. So we are going to go there to find a loss of plexiglass. Indeed we don’t need a big piece, just a rectangle of 60X40 centimeter.

Regarding to the code of the model, it’s the beginning. We discussed about the final idea of the project last week. By this way it will be possible to start the programming next week. Laurent is very gifted regarding to the programming. So he is going to supervise all the project for this part.

Regarding to the model, Damien is very gifted in do it yourself. So he is going to supervise this part of the project. By this way we can progress on the two part at the same time.

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