Cocktail Maker Machine

Hi everyone, what’s up?

Monday, we had a lab session.

At first, we had to understand all the functions that will be used in our programs. Then we began to program some little applications. The goals of these were the followings ones : read and print the state of a pushbutton on the serial monitor, read an analogical value (like a temperature one), read the value of a potentiometer, and read and write on the serial connection.
A last exercise was more difficult : we had to recreate the ”K2000” light sequence, modifying the intensity of the LED lighting.

But we didn’t succeed to achieve this because a previous application gave us troubles… This was almost due to a mounting problem of all the devices. It took us a lot of time to find and solve the problem, so it didn’t remain enough time to succeed all the programs.

We didn’t really advance in our project this week, but we are improving our skills in programing the Arduino, and that can only be good for us.

Thank you for the support!

See you next week for some news,

The CMM Team.

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