Week Report

Progress report

Last week, we drew up a report of the material available and the material to book. We realized thanks to Laurent Gillet’s brother who is working at GEA that we have a large part of material useful to build the smart o’clock. Here is the temporary list:

  • Breadboard
  • Display LCD 16×4
  • LEDs
  • Transistors NPN
  • A clock module

This week, we had a meeting to choose the type of LED useful to light the bed when the alarm o’clock rings. At the beginning we had the idea to use a LED with a power of 10 W but it causes one problem about the power supply. We chose then LEDs with lower powers that we have in our possession.

This week, we had also a laboratory session where we discovered ARDUINO UNO and we learned the basics of the programming. We used functions as DIGITALWRITE, BITREAD, PINMODE,… during this session we connected also a display (with resistors to limit the current) to carry out a counter of 0 to 9 and diodes (with also resistors to limit the current) to obtain a counter of 5 bits which counts of 0 to 32 in binary.

This laboratory that allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the ARDUINO world and to realize that the programing with ARDUINO software is easier and more intuitive than the C language on CODE BLOCKS.

Thanks t this laboratory we are reassure about the programming of our project. Now we are waiting for the material to start the manufacture of the model.

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