Regarding the advancement of our project, this week, our team has focused their attention on four elements namely the order of the materials, the Bluetooth communication, the research of program examples and the connection between wheels and DC motors.

Firstly, we have ordered the different components required for the project such as the wheels and the sensors. These sensors will be used to ensure that the robots will follow a line according to its colour. Secondly, we have tried to use the components which carry out the connection between the computer and the Arduino card thanks to Bluetooth technology. This technology will be enable the user to call the robot. However, the Bluetooth password have been modified by others users.  We have executed some research on the internet to solve this issue and reboot the Bluetooth. At this moment, no solution has been found. Thirdly, we have looked for some programs examples which used the colour sensor TCS230D. Through our research some tracks need to be explored. Finally, we have investigated the possibility to develop a system to connect the wheels to the DC motors because the wheels are composed of bearings.Lab number 1

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