Cocktail Maker Machine : still in progress…

Hi everyone!

This week, we‘ve learned some stuffs about two softwares : Processing and Blink.

The first one is used to design a view, mode of lines, rectangles, colors, circles, etc. That would be useful if we want to use a touch screen or a web page to control our cocktail maker machine.

It can be downloaded on the website :

Blink is the software to program the Arduino. It can be downloaded on the Arduino website : But look out, Java Runtime Environment has also to be downloaded and installed to work Blink properly. The programming langage that is used with this software is Python. We haven’t check how to use this programming langage yet, but this will happening during the two next weeks.

About the material part, we haven’t done a big step yet since last week.

We’ve just tried to set up the Arduino. But it was a communication problem between our Mac and our Arduino. We solved it by rebooting the board, a difficult process which the professor helped for.

See you next week for more information,

The CMM Team

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