During the last session, we made a “bootloader” on the Arduino. The Arduino comes from a student in automation and needed this manipulation to be able to program with the Arduino. This consist to load, on a first arduino, the program that is in the Arduino software library and by connecting it to the other one that requires the “bootloader”. Each steps of this operation is the on the website of arduino below:

Unfortunately, the operation was not so easy. In fact, it took more than two hours, the software displays each time, a communication error between the Arduino.

Finally, pressing the reset button on the first Arduino before the transfer to the second, the communication problem no longer appeared, perhaps it was a flag.

Because of this loss of time, we haven’t been able to start looking how to program the Arduino and using the software “Processing”. The positive point of this meeting was that we were able to recover items from an old project that are perfect for us. We have taken two dc motors, a bridge “H” and a bluetooth module.

Now we are ready to program and mount the model to the next meeting.

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