Sorting glasses – Post about the software

Our project is based on a RGB (Red, Green and Blue) sensor. During this lesson, we were working on the RGB Sensor; we were trying to understand how it runs.  We were able to link the color codes of the sensor and the color codes which used in the Processing tutorial. Each shade of color has a specific code. We can imagine use it to recognize the color of the bottle of glasses.
Another student carried out the Processing and Arduino software; we tested some functions and saw what happened in Processing.

We noticed the language used with Arduino is similar to the C or C++ language. We learned to draw some figures and array with basic line code.

We studied the different hardware in the Arduino and which are their functionality.

  • Microcontroller (
  • Power supply (2 possibilities : USB port or basic power supply )
  • Led (there are 4 leds, each Led have a different function)
  • Connectors
  • How to install
  • How to test the hardware
  • How to configure Arduino ( sending code to the Arduino)

The next step will be the application what we learned for a couple of week by testing physically Arduino.

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