First programs

Hello everybody,

This week

We approached the Arduino programming in order to be ready for the next laboratory class. We used a breadboard, an Arduino uno, cables, led, interrupter, potentiometer and some electrical resistances. We divided the whole group into two subgroups because we had two Arduinos and it’s easier to  learn in this way. We performed some programs using leds. The first one was light a led. The second one was running lights of led (chase). The aim of the third one was to carry out a loading bar. And the last one was lighting a led depending the position of a potentiometer.

You can see the different applications here below.

Final project

In our last post we spoke about our bill of material which had been ordered. So we received the material in the beginning of this week. Furthermore we started to understand and use the raspberry pi. However we call into question the use of the Arduino in our project. Indeed we have to use a raspberry pi and it could do the job of the Arduino. The serial ports with the fingerprint reader and the display are compatible with the raspberry pi. So we’ll think about it and keep you in touch.

See you soon

image 1 image 2 image

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