5th week – The atomizer

Hello !

After this session, we’ve tried to remember what we’ve learnt last year, to do so, we’ve taken our last practical works and we tried to solve it. It was not easy but we took the time to find the solution. To begin, we’ve installed the software “processing”, and we begin to try to understand the functioning of this program. After that, we start connecting the different cables to the breadboard and then we could begin the programmation. We’ve decided to program a system of lights which turn on/off successively. This was quite easy, this is why we choose to do the second practical work. It is a bit the same but with some extra modifications.

We joined to this article two files, which contains the codes required to make our program.


About our project, we tried to support our car with a heavy battery to see how much electric tension we needed to move the car to a particular speed. We’ve been thinking to a solution for the direction of the car. Currently, the system allows the car to turn only left or right. But the car can’t go straight, this is why we choose to buy a servomotor. A servomotor is the easiest and cheapest way to lead the direction. It’s sending a certain tension and following the tension, a propeller turn more or less.

Have a nice week !

Atomizer’s group.

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