Detail of the material for the Smart Home Project


The work of this week was to explain and describe the material we need for our project.

In order to achieve the “Smart Home” project, here is a list of the material you’ll need:

Material Price (euros) Justification
Arduino Uno 23,9 That’s the device which will treat the data coming from the sensors. But also, it’s used because we have already one and it’s enough to realize the project.
Raspberry Pi B+ 30 This hardware will be used as the interface between the user and the lighting control. But also it’s used because we have already one.

In our project we want to store the data about luminosity sensor to a server so the user can control and adapt the luminosity in monitoring the consumption and others stuffs

Presence detector 2,24 The presence detector will serve to detect the presence of somebody. The presence detector what will use is an ultrasonic sensor because we have already one.

Works with 5V, wide operating range, cheap

Luminosity sensor 3,9 It’s the device to know the luminosity in the room in real time. The luminosity sensor is a photo sensor.

Works between 2.3 and 6V, wide operating range (up to 55000lux), cheap

LED + Resistor 0,75 The Leds are used as lighting. Resistors are used to protect the LED. The LED will be used because we have already one but also, because the component is cheap.
Router network Free (BBox) The router will be used to communicate between the Raspberry and internet
Cables 6 The cables will be used to connect the sensors to the Arduino
Serial Usb cable 5 The cable will be used to communicate between the Arduino and the Raspberry
Alimentation 5V Arduino 9 Alimentations are used to supply the cards
Alimentation 5V Raspberry Pi 9
Micro SD card 8Gb 5,3 It’s used to install the software of the Raspberry
Total ± 96

Here is a schematic diagram of our project:

Schematic project

In fact, the use of these components would only give you an idea of the achievement because it’s just a prototype. Indeed, if you want to achieve this project in your house you should replace some components by bigger one. In this project, we just wanted to explain the achievement without exceeding the budget limit.

So here is an example of parts we would replace to install this system to a real room:

  • Real components:

The components that would be replaced for the real project are:

  • The presence sensor that would be used will be a presence sensor and not an ultrasonic sensor. The presence sensor is composed by an ultrasonic and IR sensors. This device would allow detecting someone in a room even if the person is sitting down.

The price of this detector is about 124 euros duty free. But it allows coverage of all the little movements and detects the presence not only the movements so if there is someone in the room, the detector maintain the luminosity. It combines an ultrasonic sensor and an IR sensor.

  • The Arduino Uno would not be used because of its price and the presence of cheaper Arduino card: The Nano version.

The Arduino Nano board costs about 7.35 euros and has all the functionalities for this project to work.

  • Simple LEDs would not be used. Instead of it, the use of Dimmable LEDs would be preferred. The interest is that this LED’s intensity is variable and the power is most appropriate to the lighting of a real room.

The price of the light bulbs is about 22.18 euros and it is dimmable LEDs. With this type of LEDs, we can modify the intensity of the luminosity but we need a dimmer to use these lights and here it is:

The dimmer has a price of 20.1 euros.

The LEDs and the dimmer have been chosen just for the example but it’s the choice of the user.

Have a nice day,

The Smart Home Team

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