Cocktail Maker Machine : in progress…

Hi everyone!

This week, the group received most of the hardware requirement to the construction of the prototype of our cocktail machine. The stuffs that already are in our possession are the following ones : Arduino, pumps, switches, leds, wires,…

First tests were already carried out to check the whole of equipment. Everything is perfectly working and simple circuits of tests were realized to check the bought products.

A first approach of the Arduino was carried out via the official site:

Data sheets related to equipment were searched and compiled to facilitate work. The rest of the equipment was ordered and the construction of the model should begin the next week. The programming of the Arduino will start at the same time as the construction of the model and should take several weeks.

An allocation of the functions was also made. Now, each member of the project knows his role within the group.

The first part of our project is going fast. We will try to keep the same tempo, but it won’t be easy…

See you next week,

The CMM team

Google doc link of our bill of material :

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