weekly report

Smart’O Clock team

Hello everybody, this week we made the laboratory n°3. In the first time we needed to finished the lab n°2 because we don’t have any time last week to finish them. So after that we took care to do the lab n°3, for this we had to rotate a small motor. In one exercise we needed to put a push button to stop and start the motor and a switch button to reverse the direction of rotation. But we had a problem, in fact we decided, on the beginning, to put the switch button to reverse the direction of rotation. We wiring all cables but nothing work… In fact the resistance that we had put was not big enough and the motor can’t running. So we install a bigger resistance and that work.

The second problem was that, when we switching the button the motor stop instead to reverse of direction. So we look in the wiring, but it was okay. Then we watch the program, and it was also okay because when we putting a delay on the program we saw that the program gone on the else of the function. So at the end of the lab we decided to try again last week. Because now, we are sure that it’s not the wiring and we just want to look at the program.

I hope that you don’t have the same problem as our and it worked perfectly in your case.

See you to next week!

automatic metal filings evacuator : project report

This week, we have executed the labo planned in Wednesday beside we have executed some tasks related to our project. Firstly, we have developed a command of two motor thanks to an H driver called “L298N” of Arduino. Therefore, we have made some researches on internet to find the datasheet of the products. Thanks to this documents we have been able to carry out the electrical assembly. Secondly, we have carried out the Bluetooth connection between the Arduino and the operator’s application. In order to test the record of the operator’s application, we have firstly used an Android application loading on a smartphone. Thereafter, we have used a visual basic program to execute an interface composed of some buttons. These buttons will enable the user to turn on the DC motor of the robot. Thirdly, we have machined a connection between the wheels and the DC motor. During these different tasks, we have had some issues with the command of the colour sensors. We have called the company “ebay” and normally we will receive them during the following week and we will test the control of the wheels thanks these sensors.