Summary of project : Sorting of Glass Bottles

For our Arduino project, we need the equipment below:

mount for engine
Gears / Axes / Screw / Nut / Pulley / Rolling / Tensioner
Sensor RGB colors TCS230D
An Arduino uno
Wire for Arduino
Power supply
Electronics components

Composition of the mock-up

–           A travolator which brings all kind of glass bottles,

–           A color sensor which makes the difference between green bottles, white bottles and other bottles,

–           Three servos with steel arm which lead the glass bottles in the correct box,

–           Three different boxes to collect bottles (white, green and the others )


We use an engine which is fixed on the mock-up thanks to a mount. This engine turns an axis. This axis turns a pulley which turns a belt/travolator. The travolator is used to move the bottles. The color of the bottles is identified with the help of a sensor RGB colors TCS230D. According to the color of the bottle, one of the three servos will operate a steel arm which pushes the bottle in the right container. It is a timeout which puts back the arm in the initial position and at the same time, the bottle will be pushed into the container.

The other equipment will be used to build the mock-up.

Link GoogleDoc :

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