Progress of our adventures

Hello everybody,

This week, we have listed all components we need for the project. We also have ordered these components :

  • A fingerprint reader
  • A LCD screen

We have only ordered these two elements because we already have an Arduino and a Raspberry pi. We also have electrical wires and USB cable to link the different components.

The budget of our project amounts to around 170€ but we only paid 84.45€. It’s a pleasure to have friends who don’t hesitate to share their components.

So, we are waiting for these elements. It takes a very long time …

That is why we have begun to search for information about raspberry, arduino and fingerprint sensor. Some members have buy books to use as reference. We have also looked for datasheets.

Given that you are five in our group, we formed sub-working groups in order to be more efficient. Three members work to the arduino and two members work to the raspberry pi. However, at this moment, it’s only a documentation phase. We are also trying to connect raspberry pi in order to program it.

See you soon,

Aurore, Aurélien, Romain, Martin et Thibaut


Our list : Smart Door components

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