Sorting Glass of Bottles

The subject of our team is: “Sorting Glass of Bottles”.

Hello everyone. There is the composition of our group:

Simon Bellier

Maxence Legros

Quentin Delvaux

Maxime Algrain

Here are some links of projects which we find interesting:

  • Simon BELLIER :

I find this project very interesting because it can be applicated for a lot of applications, like laundry sorting, or waste sorting. I’m sensitized by this last application. Nowadays, it’s very important to sort waste for our planet. The production of one tonne of glass takes about 700 kg of sand, 280 kg of limestone, 230 kg of sodium carbonate, 30 kg of others addives and a temperature of 1500 °C.

To recycle a ton of glass, it requires a ton of milled glass and a temperature of 1000 °C. This save a lot of money, mainly a lot of energie.

  • Maxime ALGRAIN :

I find it’s very important to control our home.

Why? There are several reasons.

The first is that you can save money. Indeed, the price of energy increases day by day.

The second reason is that you can limit your energy impact on the earth. If everyone consummed less energy, world would be better.

The last reason is that you can check if there is move in your house. Currently, there are more and more burglary because of the cost of living.

  • Quentin DELVAUX :

Regulate the indoor lightening of a house wich depending on the outdoor lightening.

When the internal light drops below the surrounding light level, The luminaires are switched on automatically.

By using several motion sensors, unoccupied areas will not be lighted.

This system would improve occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption.

  •  Maxence LEGROS :

I have chosen a subject about an audio volume control using Arduino.
Indeed, I noticed that the noise when you are driving your car at high speed can be disturbing.
So I Imagine a automate system which change the volume in your car according the background noise. The volume could be increase automatically to cover the background noise or decrease when you receive a phone call for example.

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