Description of our project : Autoregulated greenhouse

The goal of our project is the development of an auto-regulated greenhouse. In order to do that, we are working on the hydrometry, luminosity and the temperature of the air.
This idea comes to mind because we found that a greenhouse need a lot of time to control all of these variables to assure a good vegetable’s growing.
This system’ll be able to manage these parameters while opening windows, activating stores and watering the vegetables.

Material needed :
–    Motor / Actuator
–    Arduino
–    Phototransistor
–    Humidity sensor
–    Temperature sensor (TMP36)
–    peristaltic pump
–    Breadboard

we will control the internal temperature with the phototransistor and temperature probe. when one of the two instructions is reached, a motor will open the windows of the greenhouse.
if the temperature does not drop fast enough, a store will be closed automatically.
a sensor will measure ground humidity and if it is too low, our system will activate the pump.


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