Presentation of our project – Smart door

This application will allow teachers to know who’s there in the classroom. To do it we will use an Arduino UNO, a raspberry pi, a finger reader and a display screen.

When students come at school in order to be registered, their fingerprints will be read and stored in the internal memory of the reader. Thanks to the Arduino, these fingerprints are associated to the student’s names. At the same time a database (on a webserver managed by the Rasberry Pi) will be set up with the group associated to the name.

During the year, students have to scan their fingers thanks to the finger reader, which will be placed in the classroom. This operation takes place every beginning of their courses. Thanks to the internal memory, the scanned fingerprint will be recognized. If the print exists in the internal memory, the name is sent to the Raspberry Pi.

This component will compare the name just scanned to the name of people who have to be present in the classroom at this time. How can the system know who has to be present? Thanks to the first database that was registered on the webserver but also to the classroom schedule.

Every morning, the Pi will update the schedule of the classroom. Thirty minutes after the beginning of each course an email will be sent to the teacher and also to the student, who is not present.

When student will scan his/her fingerprint, a screen will display his/her name. If the student is not registered, a message will be displayed like “You are not registered”. If the student is in the classroom to follow a wrong course, he/she will be taken into account and an email will be sent to the student and the teacher.

Furthermore this project will also allow knowing how many people are present in the building in case of fire emergency. But at this time we don’t exactly know how this application will be possible. So, see you to the next post.

Diagramme de Gant – Smart door

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