The Cocktail Maker Machine


Here is a presentation of projects we find interesting.

Quentin Ghislain

I chose this video because it shows how it is possible to use a smartphone to control an Arduino board like we want to do with our project.

Simon Art

I chose this video because it’s roughly the same project that we want to achieve. This machine is a cocktail maker using some pumps, sensors and leds, as well as our project. So, these projects are almost the same. The difference is in the conception. We don’t want to make a conveyor belt because that’s take too much time to be construct, but we want program an app or a website to control our machine.

Luca Maccarrone

This project shows how electronics and more particularly an Arduino board can simplify the daily life of people. This kind of project can be at the same time useful and simple to realize.

Thomas Monfils

I chose this project because we also plan to use pumps in our project. Actually we are going to make a cocktail maker machine which will mix different liquids. Each liquid will be pump from the bottle to a glass.
Moreover the dosing of each liquid will be important for our project to get a delicious cocktail!

Timothée Vanden Dael

The project I choose is named Arduiflo. It’s about flowers irrigation. The system is based on an Arduino board and uses sensors to detect the soil moisture. It works totally automatically thanks to solar panels feeding the electric power needed. That’s great because flowers could be watered even during the holidays, when the owners are not at home. For me, it’s a good way to use energy sparingly and automating tasks could be very useful for people.

See you soon for more information about our project,

The CMM Team


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