The CMM : description

Last week we made several meetings to define what to do and how to do it. We wrote a partial list with all the tasks that our machine would be able to perform. We also decided the design of the project.

Thanks to that, we have a better idea of what we are going to build. Finally, we found a name and a slogan for our project: “The Cocktail Maker Machine : Order our cocktail with one finger”.
A partial list of the inputs and the outputs we needed to realise our project was wrote. We also check the different devices that could be useful like a wifi connection, a low voltage power supply,…

For the conception of the model, we designed some sketches to have got a base for the construction of the model. We decided to construct a model made of wood. The design of this model will be like a closed big box with a place to lay down the glass.

Finally, during the last meeting, we ordered some pieces that we needed. We ordered three pumps, some leds and switches. The project will be able to fill a glass with different liquids pumped in some bottles to make a cocktail. Several cocktails could be served with different combinations of alcohols and softs. During the filling, some leds will light at different moments.

Please have a look at our planning : Barre-de-planning-Arduino

Thank you for supporting our project. We are going to do everything we can to satisfy you!

The CMM Team.

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