Smart o’clock

The members of our group are:

Here are the projects that each member of our group decided to describe:

Cuisset Jérôme:

The doors of desks on my internship site were protected and I had to type passwords or to show a passcard. The keyboards were very imposing and I thought it was difficult to carry out this kind of security system. But with this article, I was very impressed by the simpleness of this system. Even if, electronics is no my strong point, I realize that I can do this kind of stuff. With cheap stuff like arduino you can do a lot of things. Pleasantly suprised !

Dalla-Riva Thomas:

This project seems me very interesting. Indeed I think that the renewable energy is the solution for the future. By the way of this little project, it shows that it’s possible to have a power source without connection with the classical grid.

Moreover this power source is mobile. It’s one avdantage beacuse this stuff is used on an university campus. So it’s better if it’s possible to move the power source.

Depoorter Rémi :

This project consist to open a garage door by WiFi with our smartphone. It’s a really simple project but the interesting point is that we can easily imagine that we can control all electronic stuffs in our home with our smartphone with simple and low cost materials.

Gillet Laurent :

I find this project interesting because it combines electronics and water to have a design object. We all know that water and electronics are not good friends.
With a good idea and a arduino even with the arduino micro you can have a nice results and differents animation mode.
The arduino through a own made pcb drive several brushless pumps, but not only. It also has a permanently speed checking.


Préaux Damien :

I choose this article because it’s important for old people to have this kind of application. In fact, the population are older and we need to find stuff to help them in their life. It’s difficult for old people to move on short distances. This SITWAY needs to be developped but the main idea is very interesting. So I think that this is the good way to think in the future and to use all possibilities of Arduino.


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