Smart o’clock : planning and presentation

1) Description of the project :

We are going to produce a special alarm o’clock. Indeed everybody has already had this problem: the alarm clock rings, you cut this and after you continue to sleep. To avoid the switch off of the alarm, the procedure is to stand up on a special carpet which is placed at the foot of the bed. We are going to design this special carpet.

So about the working of the material: when it’s the time to wake up, the alarm clock will ring. If people stand up on the carpet, one pressure sensor will detect it and the bell will cut off. If not, the volume of the bell will increase and one light will switch on up to the moment where there will be one pressure on the sensor. By this way, people will be sure to stand up at the right time.

2) Planning :

Beginnig of the project 20-02-15
Description of the project+ first plan 20-02-15 22-02-15
Ordering stuffs 20-02-15 13-03-15
Schematic plan 23-02-15 27-02-15
Design and construction of the support 02-03-15 13-03-15
Electronic circuits design + electronic tests 16-03-15 20-03-15
Computer programming+ programming tests 16-03-15 27-03-15
First test+video 06-04-15
Adjustment 06-04-15 19-04-15
Last questions 20-04-15
Finishing touches 20-04-15 01-05-15
Fin du projet 01-05-15

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