Our articles !


our group is composed with :

– Alexandre Gehrenbeck

– Gary Cardon

– Ilyes Benkahla

– Fidèle Nezerwa

– Thomas Delitte

here are the articles we chose :

Alexandre Gehrenbeck :


I chose this article because I think that in the future, we’ll have to use more and more the bicycle in cities. I think that this invention could be an ingenious tool and help people to find their way when they are in cities (like Brussels for example) concerned by the problem of traffic jam. This invention could also inspire us for the project we decided to make. For our project, I’ll try to use all the knowledge I digested during my studies and it will allow myself to develop my automation and electronics skills.

Gary Cardon :


I find that it’s a good use of Arduino. This project uses automation and mechanical principles. When I see the result, it is very usefull and amazing! I never imagine to do short distance on a motorbike with only one wheel.

Ilyes Benkhala :

As a mechanical engineer in automation i would like to work in robotics. So this video is quite interesting to me because they transformed ardino and kinect into a robot which you control with your body. The kinect is a gaming tool for dancing game on Xbox and I would like to modify it into something more useful.

Fidèle Nezerwa :


I found this video very interesting because it allows the sound engineers to improve their techniques for the modulation of sounds. Perhaps we’ll have to use components linked with the sound and this article developed it well.

Thomas Delitte :


I chose this one because I’ve always be passionned with new technologies and this tool is very efficient today. I’m sure that in a few years it will be more and more improved and I can’t wait to see the evolution of this new technology. I’m very inspired by this video and I’ll do my best to make our project real.

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