Description of our project – The atomizer


here’s the description of our project :

Our idea is to create a fertiliser spreader which could have the ability to move on the grass and avoid obstacles. To do so, we’ll use an old remote-controlled car that we’ll modify to create the machine (called the “Atomizer”).

We’ll have to change the working of the actuel car because the battery is dead. So, we’ll buy new ones and implement it into the car.

We will also buy sensors which we’ll have to ability to detect objects which could disturb the way of the machine. We still hesitate about the kind of sensors that we’ll use but we’ll find it soon.

The chemicals will be stocked in a tank fixed on the back of the car. The spreading system will work only after the wheels turn for a few seconds.

We’ll consider that the grass doesn’t have a big height and that the grass isn’t considered as an obstacle.

Requirements specification :

Goal :

– Spread fertiliser or chemicals.

– Cover a way from a point A to a point B.

– Avoid obstacles.

– extra-goals :

– Reloading by solar energy.

– Sending a message to a cellphone to prevent the operator that the tank is empty.

Materials :

– A 4×4 remote-controlled car.

– Batteries (of scooters, cellphones).

– solar panels.

– sensors (ultrasonics, touch).

– Tank.

– electrovalve.

Our plan is linked with this article.

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