auto-regulated greenhouse

Hi everybody,

The members of the group are the following:

  • Carpentier Adrien :
  • Frebutte Maxence :
  • Posset Romain :
  • Veen Gaëtan :



The reason why I find this project very interesting is that it offers a lot of perspectives for musicians playing several instruments and which intend to record their musical performances accompanied with drum kit. Indeed according to the article, the robot is capable to play patterns of rhythms as well as a human being, and he can even realize complexes rhythms, even impossible to be naturally made.

If the programming of patterns is simple, it would allow to record for example a guitar with a totally automated rhythmic background in only one time.

Furthermore, the fact of being able to make vary the speed to adapt it to its needs allows a big freedom of composition.


Romain Posset

I found this article very interesting because it allows to prevent our house against theft. Nowadays, thefts increase more and more and this is a good solution to avoid them. Thanks to this system, we are instantly informed if a home intrusion is detected. Moreover, the police can be alerted as well. That gives birth to a decreasing police’s operations time.

In my opinion, this technology is here to stay because it presents many advantages and promising future ways.


Veen Gaëtan

I chose this article because, for me, it is interesting to know how traffic light system works. Indeed, that looks like easy, but programming is quite complicate, I think. Then, this article helped me to understand functioning of it, and after it, that looks like less difficult to do it.


Carpentier Adrien

An Arduino module can be used for many applications. They can be very complex as very playful. In the article published on “instructable”, the application may seem very simple, but in reality it uses a lot of different knowledges. Once the system is in place we get fully customizable gaming lights.

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