Meet us, let’s talk about projects we like!


Here are the different articles chosen by the people of my group.


I didn’t choose this article for the product itself, but well for the idea that simple things can be controlled by a simple touch. Here, the example is made with a lamp, but a lot of things (buttons, interrupts,…) can be replaced by a capacitive sensor. I find interesting the idea that you can control a lot of objects of the daily life only by touching them: a lamp, a doorbell, a roller-blind. I think the touch-command using capacitive sensors can really be simple to implement and discreet in a house (hiding all common wall-switches).


I think it’s a good use of Arduino. In the industrial world, this application could help people who often travel for the work to keep a real relationship with their partners. El Nino (the name of the application) could encourage to work abroad and decrease fear to be alone (without their partners).

CATINUS Florence:

For the purpose of our project in Electro-Mechanics, I would like to investigate how to develop remote-controlled car that would be controlled thanks to a computer. My interest in this project is twofold.

Firstly this creation would be an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge in electronics but also to benefit from the knowledge of my colleagues who have studied  mechanics and specially related to car.

Secondly, developing a toy seems a good way to learn and have fun in the same time.


I have chosen the article speaking a hive built up with fifty speakers.

It is quite impressive to see what people can do with a few sensors and an Arduino.  Thanks to this article I can see that people have fun and imagination working with Arduino.


I chose this topic because it’s a project that use mechanical and automation principals. Moreover, the communication between the robot and the arduino can be manage by wifi. I had also the idea to use a PS3 joystick to control the robot. It’s also possible to program a regulator for the position and the speed.

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