Smart door

Hi everybody !

The members of the group are the following:

The subject of our project is a prototype that will avoid you to take your card to clock in or out and it could be possible to know every time who’s present in the classroom/the plant.

Aurore Compère

Nowadays are people interested in renewable energy.This type of energy doesn’t every time be efficient. For example, solar panels are not so interesting in Belgium than in sunny countries because we don’t have so much sun. But you can increase the efficiency of this technology by tracking solar rays. The cost of the technology is also important. Even if the tracker is already existing, using an Arduino can be cheaper.

Aurélien Cordesse

I find this interesting for people who are often travelling. We can always check if there is someone that approach too near of the house. Moreover, this project is very cheap because a lot of people have an old webcam that become useless. It can be easily recycled. It is also interesting to know how the Arduino interprets the signal of the webcam because it is more difficult than a simple input. The idea is very well find.

Romain Decobecq

This project is a very interesting technological point of view. Indeed, it contributes to improve the parking into our garage for a small price (< 50 Euros). It also allows exploiting some interesting functions of the Arduino.
– Is the garage door closed ?
– Is the car of my friend parked ?
These questions have currently a response thanks to this application. With your smartphone, manage and visualize the parking into your garage.

Martin Friquet

As a lot of people, my parents purchased an automatic garage door to replace our older version. Since we have installed it, I’m never sure if the door is opened or if it is closed. So I have to check it all the time when I have a hesitation. So, when I have seen this project, I found that it was a good idea. Morever I hope I’ll be able to perform this project in the near futur.

Thibaut Quensier

Nowadays people don’t like to wait. However making coffee take still some time. With this new technology it is possible to plan the remotely preparation of our coffee and save some time. Furthermore the project uses Twitter and currently we know that more and more people use the social networks. Thus I think this project really interesting and fun. Eventually it has potential for innovation.…/Tweet-a-Pot-Twitter…/

Have a nice week-end!

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