Smart Home

Good morning everyone,

The subject of our team is : “ Smart Home”

Our project unit is composed of:

Thibault ROLAND :
Laurent SOLBREUX :
Catherine DABE :
Berkan YIGIT :
Rodrigue MENDES :

Here are some links and thoughts about Arduino projects that we found interesting:

– For Thibault Roland:

I like home automation because you can control and reduce your impact on the earth. But the best argument is SAVING MONEY. Moreover, you can improve your comfort.
Next, you are informed in real-time with information from your house. It’s interesing if you have a problem to receive an email.…/Uber-Home-Automation-w-Ard…/…

– For Laurent Solbreux:

An Arduino project what could be able to control some parameters for the gardening is an interesting idea.

This project could be helpful to grow up plants in perfect conditions of temperature, soil’s humidity but also the lightening. Indeed, some plants are exacting with the condition.

But also, we could use this project to grow up seeds. The efficiency between the plants and the seeds would be increased. And mainly, the gardener could gain time on the manipulation. And this time could be spent on other thing. Indeed, in the garden, there are always something to do.…

– For Catherine Dabe:

I like the idea of being able to control differents things in its own house.
With the progress in the technology, it would be nice to control, for example, the lights or the temperature by using internet. It would be even better to control it with the device that everyone carries, the mobile phone.

Here is two examples that pops into my mind :
– If you know you’ll work late, you can lower the temperature in your house to reduce your consumption.
– If you are too lazy to move or you are just busy in another room, you don’t need to move, you have your GSM to control the light.

I find it funny and useful to be able to do such a thing.…/projet-domo-premiers-pas-da…

– For Rodrigue Mendes:

This project is awesome. For a small price (<1500 € for this version), you will be able to do machining or printing of parts quickly. 3D printing allows to develop and to test prototype of your invention but also to produce quickly and cheaper small parts whose you need. For a student in mechanics like me, this is interesting. This machine is Arduino controlled which makes possible to control it easily by using motors, captors and software.…/Arduino-Controlled-CNC-3D-P…/

– For Berkan Yigit :

Light is very important and it is used everyday. Therefore, this project is very interesting because it is suitable to the user in term of intensity and colour. In fact, everybody has a different feeling of the light.

Moreover the light is automated to be switched on only when there is a presence of someone that allows avoiding waste of energy. We can also control it with a remote.
The main benefit is to adapt the ambience of the room where it is installed.

Have a nice day,


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