Summary of project : Sorting of Glass Bottles

For our Arduino project, we need the equipment below:

mount for engine
Gears / Axes / Screw / Nut / Pulley / Rolling / Tensioner
Sensor RGB colors TCS230D
An Arduino uno
Wire for Arduino
Power supply
Electronics components

Composition of the mock-up

–           A travolator which brings all kind of glass bottles,

–           A color sensor which makes the difference between green bottles, white bottles and other bottles,

–           Three servos with steel arm which lead the glass bottles in the correct box,

–           Three different boxes to collect bottles (white, green and the others )


We use an engine which is fixed on the mock-up thanks to a mount. This engine turns an axis. This axis turns a pulley which turns a belt/travolator. The travolator is used to move the bottles. The color of the bottles is identified with the help of a sensor RGB colors TCS230D. According to the color of the bottle, one of the three servos will operate a steel arm which pushes the bottle in the right container. It is a timeout which puts back the arm in the initial position and at the same time, the bottle will be pushed into the container.

The other equipment will be used to build the mock-up.

Link GoogleDoc :

Progress of our adventures

Hello everybody,

This week, we have listed all components we need for the project. We also have ordered these components :

  • A fingerprint reader
  • A LCD screen

We have only ordered these two elements because we already have an Arduino and a Raspberry pi. We also have electrical wires and USB cable to link the different components.

The budget of our project amounts to around 170€ but we only paid 84.45€. It’s a pleasure to have friends who don’t hesitate to share their components.

So, we are waiting for these elements. It takes a very long time …

That is why we have begun to search for information about raspberry, arduino and fingerprint sensor. Some members have buy books to use as reference. We have also looked for datasheets.

Given that you are five in our group, we formed sub-working groups in order to be more efficient. Three members work to the arduino and two members work to the raspberry pi. However, at this moment, it’s only a documentation phase. We are also trying to connect raspberry pi in order to program it.

See you soon,

Aurore, Aurélien, Romain, Martin et Thibaut


Our list : Smart Door components

Bill of materiel – The atomizer


Here is our “Bom” that we’ve added in attachment. In summary, we’ve discussed about all the things we need to accomplish our project. We had already quoted our materials but we added some extra’s. We’ll need :

– Ultrasonic sensors
– Touch sensors
– solenoid valve 1/4″”
or – solenoid valve 1/8″”
– buck converter
– Pressure sensor
– Solar panels (6)
– Tank
– Weed-killer
– Strainer
– A 4×4 remote-controlled car
– Battery




Material list for the smarto’clock

Hi everybody,

During this meeting, we talked about the project himself. We found solutions and we decided to take the Laurent’s Arduino and screen. But we need a rtc (Real Time Clock) module to program the time of wake up. After that, we have prepared a list of materials to order. You can find this list attached.

We also talked about the construction of the model. So we decided to put a strength sensor below a Plexiglas, to detect when someone is wake up. So finally, we have a good idea of the project and now we know where we go. It’s good to know that this project will to low cost and it can be use very easily by anyone.

We finished the meeting by checking the schedule and by debating about the continuation of the project.

We wish good luck to everyone and good week.

listing of needed components

Hello everybody,

During this project session, we spoke about all the material we need in order to build and regulate the greenhouse.

We took the decision to build the structure thanks to a 3D printing. Otherwise, all the material already got has been listed in a xls file to define the requirements. That gives birth to an order to a supplier to begin the programmation last week.

All the characteristic’s components have been listed and decrypted with the intention of having the right equipment in link with this project.

You’ll find our BOM in the attached file.

We are hoping that everything is fine for you and we wish you a nice week !

Liste de matériel

Sorting Glass of Bottles

Sorting Glass of Bottles

The subject of our team is: “Sorting Glass of Bottles”.

Hello everyone. There is the composition of our group:

Simon Bellier

Maxence Legros

Quentin Delvaux

Maxime Algrain

Here are some links of projects which we find interesting:

  • Simon BELLIER :

I find this project very interesting because it can be applicated for a lot of applications, like laundry sorting, or waste sorting. I’m sensitized by this last application. Nowadays, it’s very important to sort waste for our planet. The production of one tonne of glass takes about 700 kg of sand, 280 kg of limestone, 230 kg of sodium carbonate, 30 kg of others addives and a temperature of 1500 °C.

To recycle a ton of glass, it requires a ton of milled glass and a temperature of 1000 °C. This save a lot of money, mainly a lot of energie.

  • Maxime ALGRAIN :

I find it’s very important to control our home.

Why? There are several reasons.

The first is that you can save money. Indeed, the price of energy increases day by day.

The second reason is that you can limit your energy impact on the earth. If everyone consummed less energy, world would be better.

The last reason is that you can check if there is move in your house. Currently, there are more and more burglary because of the cost of living.

  • Quentin DELVAUX :

Regulate the indoor lightening of a house wich depending on the outdoor lightening.

When the internal light drops below the surrounding light level, The luminaires are switched on automatically.

By using several motion sensors, unoccupied areas will not be lighted.

This system would improve occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption.

  •  Maxence LEGROS :

I have chosen a subject about an audio volume control using Arduino.
Indeed, I noticed that the noise when you are driving your car at high speed can be disturbing.
So I Imagine a automate system which change the volume in your car according the background noise. The volume could be increase automatically to cover the background noise or decrease when you receive a phone call for example.