Hello people,

First of all, I am going to set the scene so that you can understand what is the purpose of the video you will be watching during the next three minutes. My teammates and I are currently working towards a Master’s degree in industrial engineering in Belgium at the HELHa College. In order to complete the applied electronics class successfully, we must develop a project using the Arduino microcontroller and/or the Raspberry Pi microprocessor.

Through this first video clip I am going to introduce myself and my team members.

Our team is composed out of 5 students, three of them chose the specialization thermics.

Let us begin with David. He is a guy who really enjoys building stuff by himself. I would describe him as a manual and motivated member of the group. He also has some really good skills when it comes to programmation.

Simon is the second heat engineer. Everything he does needs to be clear. He likes when the work is structured and well-done. His general knowledge about programmation will be useful during this project.

The last one of the guys studying thermics is Nicolas. He is a cool guy. However, when it comes to work he is very focused. He also likes to tinker and that’s why he will certainly be assigned on the set up of the prototype.

Paul is the fourth member of the group, he chose the construction specialization. He will be the communication manager of our team and will manage as best as possible the organization of the project. He has been speaking english during one year in a professional environment, therefore he will be our reference about the english documentation. His positive energy and motivation will be helpful skills for the group all along the project duration.

Finally, I will give you some words about me and my function. My name is Florian and I decided to specialise in entrepreneurship. I will give my best to help Paul to manage the organization and the progress of the project. I have skills in managing people and I learned to pitch project at the university. I will also assist as best as possible my team and more specifically Nicolas to build the model.

Why did we decide to form a group ? First of all because we are used to work together ! In fact, we are now friends for years and we have a good relationship at school as well as in the extracurricular life. Moreover, our group is composed out of members specializing in three different fields of engineering and that is also something that will turn to our advantage. Each of us has his own way of thinking but we all work the same way. Our complementary skills and good relation are the main reasons why our group will bring this project to a good end !

During the following months, we will post videos about the progress of the project. So far we did not reveal the topic of our project, so if you want to keep up to date and follow our progress, stay tuned !

See you next month for another video clip !

Florian, Paul, Nicolas, David and Simon

Presentation Team 2 : Protoxyde

Hi everybody!

We are a group of four students from Helha at Mons. We are in last year of Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialisation in thermal engineering. For the electronics and electrotechnics applied course we will do a project in which we must use an Arduino but also some actuators and sensors. The goal of this project is to make a link between these sensors and actuator using an Arduino electronic card.

the strength of the team is that We are a team of friends and we going to make a very cool project.

The team problem is that we love making joke and it will be difficult to keep a straight face.

Thanks for watching , see you soon !

Presentation of the Team 4

Hello everybody,

We are in last year of industrial engineering. To complete an electronical and electrotechnical applied successfully, we have formed a group of four motivated students. Our specification imposed us to use an Arduino and a Rasberry PI for this project.

Let me introduce our project’s team.

The first partner is Thomas Bastin. He is qualified in programming. His abilities will be significant for the use of Arduino’s and Rasberry’s software.

The second partner is Romain Gilbert. He has already used an Arduino board, so he knows some specifications of its functioning.

The third partner is Baptiste Piret. He has some strong points, he is handy, very interesting to build the model and he has good knowledge in mechanics.

And finally, the last is Axel Pillon.  Of course, he will participate actively in the development of our project but moreover he will be responsible of the organisation over time.

During the conception, we will post a video per month to report on our project’s progress.

We hope that you will follow us!

See you soon

Team 5 – Presentation of the Team

Team 5

Hello everybody,

This is our first video, its purpose is to introduce the different members of our team.

This project will be achieved in the classrooms of the Helha in Mons, as part of the Applied Electronics class in Master 2.

The goal of this project is to become familiar with electronic devices such as the Arduino and the Raspberry pi.

This team is composed of 5 people:

• Essadqi Zakaria
Option Entrepreneurship
Date of birth: August, 1992
Quality: Effective, arduino user, perseverance
Effective : Zakaria’s main quality is being effective in work environment. He sets goals and goes for them without being distracted.
Arduino user : Also he has used Arduino in the past, his experience will definitely be helpful during this project.
Perseverance : he doesn’t give up when facing difficulties

• Louhichi Mohamed Ali
Option Entrepreneurship
Date of birth: August, 1990
Quality: creative, Ambitious, Combative
Creative : has a lot of imagination.
Ambitious : I always goes to the end of things.
Combative : I don’t give up after the first difficulty.

• Barbagallo Giovanni
Option Entrepreneurship
Date of birth: February 1993
Quality: Optimist, worker, Imaginative
Imaginative: He never does anything conventionally, he always finds his own ways and prefers to let his imagination run wild
Optimist: he sees the glass half full, not afraid of obstacles
Worker: Give himself the means to achieve his goals

• Alleman Geoffrey
Option Entrepreneurship
Date of birth: January 1993
Quality: Perfectionist, creative and persevering.
Geoffrey is a perfectionist person, he like when the project is well done.
Furthermore, he is creative and persevering in his work

• Wamba Armand
Option Thermic
Date of birth: December , 1985
Quality: Autonomous, Curious
Autonomous : Armand like to look for solutions on his own and doesn’t rely on others
Curious : he likes to know where things come from, he doesn’t leave anything to the chance

This team is composed of quite different personalities and so it creates a rich enough frame, the work will be done in humor and seriousness.
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Presentation of the group 1


Hello everyone,

In this video, we are presenting you our team for our Applied Electronics and Electrotechnics project. We are studying to be graduated as electromechanical engineers in Belgium, the school name is HELHa Mons.

Here are the members of the group:

  • Mohamed Bouyaara, 24 years old, from Charleroi, studying thermal technics.
  • Timothé Malonne, 22 years old, from Mettet, studying building technics.
  • Guillaume Van Baelen, 23 years old, from Godarville, studying mechanical technics
  • Clément Servais, 22 years old, from Vieux-Condé in France, studying mechanical technics

Our strengths are that we are from different specialisations and we know each other for 2 years. We have also realised other projects together.

Our weaknesses could be that none of us have facilities in coding and it could be an obstacle for us. Another problem is as we don’t have the same schedule, the meetings would be difficult to organise.

Our first goal is to work on an unknown coding software in order to make a practical project. This project has to serve people in their daily life.

Another goal is to overcome our weaknesses in coding to make an useful project
Our project is coming soon, so stay with us to learn more about it…

Presentation Team 8

Hi everyone, here you can find our video about introducing our team.

We are 3 Belgian living in Mons and going to school at Helha University. We are 3 engeineering student in their final year of master’s studies.

In the context of our electronics course, we must develop a project which needs to be approved. This project involves the communication between two electronic devices between them : a raspberry and a arduino. The rest is left to our creativity.

We haven’t made a final decision yet but we do have several project ideas : – The first one is to use several sensors to control and monitor a house remotely. – The second one is to create a automated pump system for a pond. The other part of the system could automatically feeds the fish.

Our team is composed of 3 members :

– Loick Myster, a 22 years old man. He studied at margueritte bervoets, a regular high school and in 2013 he started his university curriculum at Helha.

-Our second member is named Thanh Bednarz. He is 22 years old, also studied in Margueritte Bervoets and he started his engineering studies at Helha in 2013 as well. They pretty much have the same background.

-Last but not least, Bryan Molinaro. I am 24 years old and I studied in a vocational-technical school when I was a teenager, then I started a bachelor’s degree in electromechanics. After that, I decided to start my last school adventure and I started a master’s degree in automation engineering.

Like any other team, we have our strengths and our weaknesses. Let’s start with the weaknesses :

– Thanh and Loick have pretty much the same background so I think they might have the same intellectual approach.
-We tend to postpone the work

Our strength are :

-The fact that we are the smallest group of the class could be a drawback but I actually think it can faster our working speed.
– We know each others and we’ve already worked together. We also are complementary.

Thank you, see you soon for others videos!

Presentation of the Project Group

Hello everyone

I’m Fabienne Chartier.

In this video, I’m going to introduce you my team for the electronics and electrotechnics project. And then I’m going to present you briefly the main idea of this work.

The first person of the team is Abdelilah Sellami.

Then, there is Mohamed Boukrach.

And finally, this is Julien Potier.

We are all in the second year of a master’s degree in the HELHa school, in Mons.

We are students in industrial engineering in electromechanics, with automatic specialization.

The main idea is to make an automatic hen house. We have decided to split the project into many parts to work easier.

The first part is to realize the automation of the opening and closing of the door of the chicken coop. This realization allows to keep the chickens safe during the night and let them free during the day.

After that, the idea is to automate the food delivery. The user encodes the number of chickens that he gets, and the system calculates the quantity of food to give per day.

And finally, we are going to realize an automatic water distributor. The working is on the basis of two sensors to know the water quantity available for the hens.

If we have still time, we will add units to complete our application.

Normally, we are going to realize the project in the form of model and after that we are going to put in the chicken house in life-size.

Thanks for watching this video, see you later.